Save the Storey Arms - Update

1st September 2015

Our apologies that it has been some time since the last update.   For a number of months there was nothing to report and we were awaiting some decisions from the Parish Council (PC) before we were clear on our role going forward.


We are pleased to say that there has been some progress and we now have clarity on what will happen next.  Below is a summary of where we are and what we plan to do over the next few months.

  • It is still the intention that £200,000 from the Section 106 agreement on the Dawson’s Road development will be provided to buy the Storey Arms and a proportion of the additional £100,000 will be provided for its renovation and refurbishment

  • We have met with the PC and their solicitors to look at the process for providing this money for purchase of the pub.  Based on the solicitor’s advice the Parish Council has decided that they will provide the money to the Osgathorpe Community Pub Ltd (OCPL, us) as a grant. 

  • The next step is to agree a legal contract between the OCPL and the PC on the provision of this grant. 

  • We are told that the initial testing of the Dawson’s road site is now completed and advertising has started to get a buyer. We had thought that there was already a buyer in the wings but this does not now seem to be the case.  The most likely timing for the moneys to become available is end 2015.  This delay and is very disappointing as we had hoped to have completed the purchase by now.

  • In parallel with the land sale, we understand that the PC is looking at how they will ask for bids for parts of remaining £100,000.  OCPL will make a bid for funds to help renovate and improve the Storey Arms for the village.

  • We have started applying for Grants to support the development of the Storey Arms.  However, we can only apply for a few at this stage as most will only considered us once you have the bought the building. 

  • Once we have a firm date for the availability of funds to purchase the Storey Arms our work will then ramp up and we will work on the following:

    • We will be asking for your help and input into the detailed work we will need to do to make this a success

    • Start negotiation with Phil on the purchase of the pub

    • Re-launch of the Save the Pub campaign to remind everyone on what we have been doing and where we want to end up

    • Publish the business plan and details of how to become a shareholder and involved in the future of the pub.  The planned share price / membership fee has been reduced from £250 to £25 to encourage as many people to become members and have input into the project.

    • Start work on detailed planning on the renovation and refurbishment

    • Start recruitment of a Tennant Landlord


We hope this gives you a good idea on what we have been doing for the last 6 months and what will be happening in the future.


Best wishes,


Rob Whyard

On behalf of the Osgathorpe Committee Pub Ltd Management Committee