The Storey Arms features on East Midlands Today!


East Midlands today have been presenting a 3-part feature on community pubs. Osgathorpe and the Storey Arms was the subject of the third in the series.  It gives an excellent overview of the current situation.  The swell behind community pubs is growing, and we are determined to Save the Storey! See the clip below (Storey Arms starts at 1:55).

June 2014 - where it all started...


"The place needs to be passed on, either to continue as a pub or to be offered on an open market at the best price to whoever takes it," Mr Collin said. "As a community person, I would prefer to see it keep going as a pub." (Leicester Mercury June 2014)


Martin Buczkiewicz – Parish Council

Phil Collin – The Storey Arms

James Eddy – Osgathorpe Community Pub Limited

Previous Updates

1st Feb 2021

3rd March 2020

It has been another disappointing year as we have not been able to purchase the Storey Arms for the benefit of the whole village.  We still have the money available to purchase the pub but the current owner, Mr Collin, continues to demand an unrealistic price.  To demonstrate that we are offing a very reasonable price, below is some information we have received about The Bulls Head in Belper, Derbyshire which is for sale at £189,950.  This is less than the amount we have offered for the Storey Arms and the pub looks to be in a lot better condition.  Have a look:


11th April 2018

Following on from some initial positive comments from the owner of The Storey Arms, he has now rejected the offer we made in Feb and also an increased offer we put to him in March.  His last comment to us was that he was still looking for £500,000 as is being advertised by his broker.  The assessment we have carried out says that this very significantly over values the pub business and therefore we cannot progress any further at this stage.  We continue to hope that we can find a compromise on price that will enable Mr Collin to sell The Storey Arms to the community.

10th Febuary 2018

We have had a recent discussion with the owner Philip Collin and we have made a revised offer which he is now considering.  If the offer is accepted and we can progress with the purchase, we will want to reengage with the village by providing details on the purchase plan and to discuss the options on how it could be run in the future for the benefit and as many people in the village as possible.   Below shows what the next steps would be if our offer is accepted.


  • Once the purchase is progressing we will arrange events to encourage a wider membership of OCPL and to engage as many people as we can with the planned development.


  • Present the plan for buying the pub and potential options for how it could be run for the benefit of the village.  We have plans of how the pub could be run but we are open minded about this and will welcome input and comments from all quarters of our village community.


  • After this consultation we would present the purchase plan to the Parish Council (PC) for review and agreement.


  • The proposal agreed with the PC would then be reviewed with North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC).  If they approve we would then finalise the contract between NWLDC / PC and the OCPL to transfer the 106 money and grants for the purchase.


  • Provide renovation plans and quotes as required to release renovation money.


  • Carry out initial renovations and repairs (the Storey Arms may have to close for a period).


  • Start advertising / recruiting a tenant (if needed, depends on the approach to running the pub that is agreed).


  • Open the facility, possibly in stages.


  • Once we have ownership follow up on previous work on obtaining further grants for further improvements.

If you have any questions at all about the pub, the progress made or Osgathorpe Community Pub Ltd, please do get in touch with any of our committee members whose details you will find on the Contact page.  We are always welcome to new members and new ideas, so please drop us a line if you are interested in joining.  We are a very friendly and open group of enthusiasts who's one aim is to save the village pub for the benefit of the entire community.

The Black Horse in Grimston was nominated as an asset of community value (ACV), as is the Storey Arms.  The article in the Leicester Mercury (see link below) describes how the owner of the closed pub appealed against the ACV status and lost.  The tribunal of judges that reviewed the case dismissed the owner's appeal and ruled that the property did indeed "further the social wellbeing and/or social interests of the local community".  This gives us confidence that the AVC for the Storey Arms will be retained..