If you have any questions at all about the pub, the progress made or Osgathorpe Community Pub Limited, please do get in touch with any of our committee members whose details you will find on the Contact page.  We are always welcome to new members and new ideas, so please drop us a line if you are interested in joining. We are a very friendly and open group of enthusiasts who's one aim is to save the village pub for the benefit of the entire community.

The Next Steps      30th January 2018

Members of the OCPL have been negotiating with Phil, and are hopeful that we will reach a mutually agreeable conclusion. Once we have agreed the approach and price to purchasing the Storey Arms the next steps would be:


  • Once the purchase is progressing carry out events to encourage a wider membership of OCPL and engagement with the planned development.


  • Present the plan for buying the pub and potential options for how the it could be run for the benefit of the village.  We want to be open minded about how the pub is run and will welcome input and comments from all quarters of our village community.


  • Agree the purchase and business plan with the Parish Council (PC).


  • Review this agreed proposal with North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC).  Agree and finalise the contract between NWLDC / PC and the OCPL to transfer the money for purchase.


  • Start advertising / recruiting tenant (if needed, depends on the approach to running the pub).


  • Provide renovation plans and quotes as required to release renovation money.


  • Carry out initial renovations and repairs (the Storey Arms may have to close for a period).


  • Open the facility, possibly in stages.


  • Once we have ownership follow up on previous work on obtaining further grants for further improvements.

UPDATE      25th January 2018

It has been over a year since we update the website, that is because there hasn’t been anything significant to report.   In the recent weeks there has been movement so we thought it would be worth summarising the situation with the pub to date….


Phil (the current owner) advertised the Storey Arms for sale during 2017 asking for £500,000. If Phil has received any offers he has not accepted them and this month we heard that Phil had closed the pub. 


We understand that he has now been told by the NWLDC Planning Department that he is not allowed to do this and still live in the premises under the conditions of use of the building, i.e. it can’t be turned into just a residence.  He has subsequently decided to reopen the pub.  


We have previously made an offer based on a survey of the property and the market value of the property as a pub and in line with what Phil originally indicated he would accept. During 2017 we had been hoping Phil would come back and talk to us about options for going forward.  We still have money to buy and renovate the pub and remain optimistic Phil will as some stage sell us the Storey to safeguard the pub and asset for the long-term benefit of the community.

UPDATE      8th January 2017

We thought it would be worth summarising the situation with the pub to date, as there seem to be quite a few misunderstandings as to what is going on out there! It will hopefully this will put things straight and prevent further village gossip.

First and foremost, we are not trying to save the pub as it is, (i.e. Phil and Sue’s pub).  Our aim is to buy the building, renovate it and then get a new Landlord in to run it for the benefit of all the community; to make a great place to go for a drink and food, and to offer a range of other services.  

Secondly both Phil (the current Landlord) and the "save the pub" committee have independently had the business valued, which ranged from £175,000 to £220,000.  Phil has received a generous offer over and above this from the committee, which he refuses to officially accept or decline. Incidentally Phil did accept a verbal, informal offer of £200,000 about two years ago, which, I am afraid to say, he has reneged on.

The valuation surveys also showed that the building requires in the region of £100,000 to bring it up to standard.  Those figures combined make up the £300,000 that the Parish Council have received for the 16 houses on Dawson’s Road.  That figure was not picked out of the air, it was discussed with Phil and was the basis of the negotiations, so now we are stuck with 16 house that no one wants (although they would probably have been built at some time in the future anyway), £300,000 in a bank account that we can’t spend and a dwindling pub.

The Storey Arms is first a foremost a Pub (i.e. a business) which happens to have accommodation attached. The building’s primary use is for business purposes, it just happens to come with accommodation as a secondary use.  This is a very important point that the public need to understand. As a business property it has the capacity to generate revenue, which residential properties do not, so they cannot be compared and are valued very differently.

The pub is not and it never has been worth the £400,000 that Phil wants for it, it is aspirational on his part – we would all like to think that our houses are worth twice what they really are, but the fact it that they are worth what they are worth, and in this case it is around £200,000, because it is a business.  It is even debatable that if it ever did get change of use, that it would get £400,000 as a development.  However it will never get change of use whilst the village show interest in keeping it as a pub therefore support to save the pub will continue.

The Committee very much supports the pub and will continue to fight to keep it as we have been for almost 4 years.  No one has suggested boycotting the pub, but after so long, and Phil’s behaviour, it has become more difficult to muster up the enthusiasm to go down the pub as it stands at present.

Hopefully this has given the facts to help understand the situation. Please don’t think we don’t care about the pub, we do, and we have worked tirelessly, we still have regular meetings and try to negotiate with Phil.  But I am afraid to say that he has now gone back on what he said and has wasted a lot of people’s time. Recently Phil won’t even negotiate with the committee; bearing in mind he started the whole thing in the first place – he came to the village and asked us to buy it.

Purchase Update

4th January 2016

At last we are in a position to move forward!

It’s been a long time coming, but we have recently had confirmation that the funds being made available to the village to purchase the Storey Arms have come through. We have therefore been able to submit a formal offer to buy the pub to Phil Collin, the current landlord and owner.  The offer being made is at market value and is based on a professional valuation carried out last year.  Phil has yet to respond, but we hope for the sake of preserving this community asset he says “yes”

2nd Feb 

As reported on the 4th January, we have made a formal offer to Phil to purchase the pub. He is still considering this offer, so the village continues to wait with bated breath!  Wach this space!


28th April

The funding to buy the pub is now available through North West Leicestershire District Council.  We submitted a formal offer to buy the pub from Phil Collin, the current landlord and owner, in January.   The offer was based on a professional valuation.  Phil has rejected this offer, which is obviously disappointing, as Phil had supported selling the pub to the community from the outset.


From the information we have we believe that we are offering Phil a competitive price for buying the Storey Arms as a pub.  We have taken advice, which has indicated that there is no realistic chance of Phil getting a change of use to allow him to sell the land for development.  We are therefore still hopeful that we can gain agreement with Phil to move this forward.

14th September

It took a while, but the Landlord of the pub, after having indicated he would accept an offer of around £200,000, has rejected it, as it is now not enough.  The members of OCPL and the community as a whole are, understandably, disappointed and frustrated by this response, after so much hard work.  But we are still determined that the pub will remain as a pub, so we are continuing to negotiate.  We have the protection of the Asset of Community Value status, which the Landlord kindly agreed to, and which can be extended if needed.  We will continue to fight!

The Storey Arms features on East Midlands Today!

East Midlands today have been presenting a 3-part feature on community pubs. Osgathorpe and the Storey Arms was the subject of the third in the series.  It gives an excellent overview of the current situation.  The swell behind community pubs is growing, and we are determined to Save the Storey! See the clip below (Storey Arms starts at 1:55).

Save the Storey Arms - News Update

4th Feb 2016

The Pub campaign is successful in the "£20,000 for Seven" awards scheme!

North West Leicestershire District Council announced on 28th January that Osgathorpe Community Pub Limited, the Registered Society set up to try to buy, repair and modernise the Storey Arms as a hub for village life, had been successful in its application for a grant of £20,000 towards the cost of essential repairs and modernisation.

Save the Storey Arms - Tell Me More


How is this going to benefit the community of Osgathorpe?


The Story Arms is already listed as an Asset of Community Value which means that the local Council recognises that it "furthers the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community". It also gives the community a right to bid for it and makes granting planning consent for ‘change of use’ (such as housing development) extremely unlikely. We know lots of people don’t use the pub as it is now, but as a community owned venture it is within your power to make it what you want it to be. It will be your community hub and we want you to have your say in what it turns in to. See more on how below.

 In the future the pub will be run by a community-minded tenant landlord who will pay rent to the village to run the pub as a business. This rent will provide recurring income to the village, which through the Parish Council, will be available to fund all sorts of other initiatives that will benefit our community.


Who is behind this and how can I be involved?


At the moment there are a small group of village residents who have formed Osgathorpe Community Pub Limited (OCPL). None of these ‘committee members’ have any personal interest in the  ownership of the freehold of the Storey Arms, but all believe passionately in preserving the Storey Arms as a valuable community asset. They have been quietly working in the background over the last year agreeing with lawyers how the District Council and Parish Council make the funds available to buy the pub, as well as applying for grants to help costs and obtaining advice from several organisations.

OCPL is a Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 and it exists only to serve the interests of the community. Therefore it is vitally important that from now on the Society has as many ‘members’ from the village community as possible. We will shortly be publishing more information on becoming a member of the society through a share scheme and we plan to hold a launch meeting open to everyone.

Once a member of the society, you will be able to influence and vote on future decisions regarding the pub. Also, once we have some more members the society we will be able to hold an election to vote in a new committee to manage how we move forward.


What about renovating the building?


The building is going to require substantial renovation to make it fit for purpose, both as a community pub and as residential accommodation for a tenant landlord. The OCPL society has bid for funds from the additional £100,000 made available to the Parish Council through the Dawson’s Road planning consent 106 agreement. We have also pitched for a grant through NWLDC ‘£20,000-for-seven’ scheme supporting local communities, as well as being in the early stages of a National Lottery bid. Should we be successful in buying the pub it is inevitable that it will be closed for a while for renovation work.


What happens next?


Firstly, and most importantly, we have to await Phil’s decision on accepting our offer! If we can agree the sale then there are number of key next steps; a re-launch meeting to encourage membership of the OCPL, detailed planning for renovations, more grant applications, first steps towards recruiting a new landlord, and regular updates on what is happening.


“I have so many questions!”


To help answer some of your questions we have some Q&As on our website www.thestoreyarms.co.uk


We encourage you to speak to any of the current committee members to find out more; please visit the Contact Us page


If you would like a regular update by email, please send your email address to savethestorey@gmail.com


If you don’t have email please contact Rob Whyard at Vine House, 24 Main Street to ensure we have your address on a paper mailing list.



"The place needs to be passed on, either to continue as a pub or to be offered on an open market at the best price to whoever takes it," Mr Collin said. "As a community person, I would prefer to see it keep going as a pub." (Leicester Mercury June 2014)















Martin Buczkiewicz – Parish Council

Phil Collin – The Storey Arms

James Eddy – Osgathorpe Community Pub Limited