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Who Are We? 

The Osgathorpe Community Pub Ltd group (OCPL) was set up as a community co-operative society to purchase the Storey Arms for the benefit of community to ensure it always stays as a village pub and an asset for the future.


More information is provided in the FAQ and Contacts pages.

Latest General Update          December 2021

We have recently been advised that NWLDC will be returning the unexpended balance of the Section 106 moneys to Chevin Homes.  We understand the Parish Council will be addressing matters with NWLDC.  The loss of this money was most surprising.  More information about the unexpected loss of this money can be found on the Osgathorpe Parish Council website.

The Section 106 money had enabled the OCPL to offer the current owner of The Storey Arms significantly more than its market value in order to encourage a sale.  It would also have provided money to renovate the premises.  The Parish Council and the OCPL are still keen to retain the pub in the village as it is an asset of community value and have secured further funding via members of the community.  We have recently submitted a cash offer to buy the pub based on a professional valuation we commissioned earlier this year. Although this offer has been declined it does show that there is a buyer with cash funds who wishes the Storey Arms to remain as a public house.  The offer remains on the table, with the owner’s agent, if the owner decides to sell in the future.


Unfortunately the pub remains closed with the owner showing no signs that he will reopen in the near future.

If you have any questions on the progress of this community pub initiative please send this via the Contact page or email us at savethestorey@gmail.com